Chris Watson demonstrating fly tying at the British Fly Fair International


This course will be conducted by Chris Watson. Chris has been teaching and demonstrating fly tying for over twenty years and is a familiar figure on the UK fly tying circuit. He demonstrated fly tying for many years at Chatsworth Angling Fair and has tied at every British Fly Fair International, www.bffi.co.uk.

He has had work published, twice appeared on the fishing programme on B.B.C. Radio Lancashire and ten of his flies are on display at the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum in the States. Chris has also demonstrated fly tying and conducted workshops in Holland, Kenya and America. He is Secretary of the North West Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild (since 1997) and is a member of the Nymph-Head Pro-Team, www.flymenfishingcompany.com.

Chris enjoys tying all types of flies and over the years has had the opportunity to tie with world's leading Salmon fly tyers; including Paul Little, Marvin Nolte, Charlie Chute, Peter Dunne, Peter Kealey, Jens Pilgaard, Stack Scoville, Skuli Kristinsson to name but a few. Chris's golden rules are to tie flies to catch fish and not fishermen, make them as durable as the materials will allow and keep them as simple as possible - excluding any materials or tying procedures that will not increase your catch rate.


This course is aimed at people with little or no experience of fly tying for Salmon, but may have done some fly tying (not essential). This course will cover correct material / hook choice and fly techniques to tie a basic selection of Salmon flies to cover a number of fishing situations.


This two day course will start with an introduction to the various styles and types of Salmon flies; discussing the choice of hooks and other materials, their various uses, the reference points of a hook and the anatomy of a Salmon fly. The remainder of the weekend will be a 'hands on' workshop, introducing and developing various techniques to enable the course members to tie a selection of Salmon flies to cover a number of fishing situations. The course will include the tying of simple strip wings, whole feather wings, herl wings, shrimps / prawns, hair wings and tubes. Whilst tying specific patterns throughout the course participants will learn a variety of techniques that will enable them to tie a large range of other Salmon flies in the future.


The most important thing is for this course is for it to be informative, relaxing and FUN for all involved. By the end of the weekend the course members will have acquired the knowledge to choose the right materials and hooks and have a learnt a repertoire of techniques to successfully tie a range of flies to catch Salmon. It is the intention that by the end of the two days the participants will be confident and competent to apply and develop the techniques they have learnt to tie a range of other Salmon flies. It is also hoped that they may be encouraged to become more adventurous and experiment with their own patterns and variations of other peoples fly designs.

Fly fishing is the most exciting form of fishing and to catch fish on flies that you have tied or possibly even designed yourself, is the ultimate thrill!


Fly tying vice

Tube fly vice, or tube fly adapter

Bobbin holder/s

Whip finish tool

Fine pair of fly tying scissors

Standard pair of fly tying scissors

Dubbing needle

Hackle pliers

Fine flat nosed pliers


Hair stacker

Danvilles flymaster 6/0, 70 denier thread in white, black and red

Gelspun / dyneema thread in either 50 or 70 denier

Fly tying wax

We have negoitiated a special one off deal with John Noriss's for all of the above for just £85.00 please order when booking.

All hooks and other materials will be provided

If you have any queries regarding the course content and the items that you are required to bring please do not hesitate to contact Chris on 01625 535046 or chrisw.fly@btinternet.com.